• How do I add a location?
    Tap “locations” at the top right of any location details page.Tap “Edit” on the top right of the locations list. Then tap the “+” button where the “Edit” button was (top right). Tap “Nearby locations” to select a nearby location or enter a postcode or town name into the search field. See this video on how to add or remove locations.
  • I can’t find my location
    We try to provide all Australian locations and key International locations. Try entering your postcode and selecting one of the locations provided.
  • How do I delete favourites?
    Tap “Edit” on the locations screen then tap the red minus icon to the left of the location you with to delete. Then tap “Delete”. Tap “Done” when your finished. See this video on how to add or remove locations.
  • Can I reorder my favourites?
    Yes, tap “Edit” on the locations screen drag the three bars to the right of the location you want to move. You can then drag it up or down. Tap done when your finished.
  • How do I navigate between locations?
    When you are viewing the details for each location you can either swipe left and right between locations or select the one you are after from the “Locations” screen.
  • How do I use the Local Radar animator?
    The local radar animator has two modes. Single tap to switch between tool mode and pinch/zoom mode. When in tool mode you can select what layers you would like to view (Radar, Town Names and Lightning [subscribers only]) and switch between 128 and 256km radars. Tap the screen to hide the tool bar and you can then pinch/zoom and drag the map to centre the map wherever you like, The animator will remember this setting for next time you use it.
  • How do I view lightning data on the radars?
    To view lightning you need to be a Weatherzone Pro subscriber.
  • What are the different lightning indicators
    Lightning strikes are displayed as crosses (ground events) or squares (cloud events) and fade from white (current) to red (30 minutes ago) to blue (60 minutes ago).
  • How do I login with Weatherzone Pro details?
    Go to Settings/Subscription and enter your email and password.
  • How do I set up Push notifications?
    Push notifications can be configured in the settings. You can choose from Warning, Forecast and App Badge notifications. If you want to disable the sounds generated from the notifications you can do that in the main iPhone settings app. Please go to Settings/Notifications, find Weatherzone+ and turn sounds off.

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