• I can’t find my location.
    We try to provide all Australian locations and key International locations. Try entering your postcode and selecting one of the locations provided.
  • Can I delete recent locations?
    No you can’t delete recent locations. They will drop off the list as you view new locations.
  • Can I save locations?
    No. You can select from recently viewed locations. You are able to save locations in Weatherzone Plus+.
  • How do I get to the radar?
    The radar can be accessed by the radar button at the top right of the app.
  • Do you have the 3hrly forecast?
    The part day forecast is in Weatherzone Plus+.
  • Is it possible to remove the advertisements?
    Yes, buy Weatherzone Plus+ its only $1.99.

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About Us

Weatherzone is Australia’s largest private weather service. We access information from the BOM and other sources, and interpret and supplement it with our own highly qualified meteorologists’ forecasting models. more »